30 April 2013

more Heap taming

I'll be honest. I had no desire to work on The Heap this past weekend. I'm brewing a cold and just felt like laying down and staring at the TV. But I made a commitment that if I was able to work on The Heap for an hour each weekend, I would. And in all honesty, the cold wasn't bad enough to take me down for the count so I set about my task.

This is where it was the last time we left it.

I set my timer to an hour and this time tried something different. I grabbed small piles and worked on putting the fabric on the boards while standing at my print table:

HUGE difference. So much easier to get them on there with some semblance of being straight and I found that I was moving quicker. The last time I just sat on the floor in front of the mess and scowled at it, I think the sheer volume of The Heap was discouraging. Simply not having to look it in the eye made the process more enjoyable.

I got far more boards done in this one hour session then the last time:

And here is a shot of The Heap as it stands now:

Progress is slow but it's still progress. (Not sure why this picture came out so grainy. Apparently The Heap even upsets my camera.)

Yes, there are little organizer bins beneath it. My plan of attack is to empty the clear plastic boxes and unearth the bins so that something can be done about the mountain on the left. That's the collage scrap portion of The Heap. I'm going to do an honest sorting of it. When I can get to it, that is.

Someone sent me an email and asked me why in the world I would be willing to share photos of this mess. Well, for a couple of reasons. One is slightly selfish, it keeps me accountable. Sort of like being on a diet and going to a meeting to weigh in. If I blog about the state of The Heap, I'll keep chipping away at it.

The other reason is that I hope it might inspire someone to tackle the mess that they are facing as well. The state of the studio drains my mental energy, which could be used for far more productive and enjoyable tasks like, oh I don't know...making art! So I need to clear the physical clutter to get past the mental roadblocks it creates for me.

It just plain gets on my nerves.

So there we have it. The Heap takes another hit. Score: Lynn 2, Heap 1349. At least I'm heading in the upward direction.


HollyM said...

Wow, I can't believe the amoun of fabric you have. You're right though, I'm sure. Putting it out there will make you accountable.
I seem to cleanup after almost every project as I can't stand it but I don't have nearly as much fabric or space.
Keep it up! You'll get there and it will feel good.

Oma's Patch said...

Thanks for the inspiration!
I actually spent some time cleaning my studio space over the weekend. I am passing on some supplies I no longer use to a good home, and organized fabric (utilizing my boards).
Motivation is contagious :)

Regina Dunn said...

You have some gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

You're so brave, Lynn! It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone in my clutter. I'm slowing working on getting organized, too. I like your idea to set a timer.

Lisa Chin said...

Good job Lynn! Keep up the good work. Slow and steady wins the race every time!!!

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

Now the hardest part begins, developing the habits that will keep it from returning! That is always the tripping-stone for me :-(

Jeannie said...

You always give me the "kick in the pants" to get organized that I need. Sadly, it last only until I get distracted. LOL! How do you like the boards? I was concerned they would take up more space in my already cramped closet. Seems to me you deserve a cupcake for all the hard work and inspiring me to get into the chaos room. (some have panic rooms, I have a chaos room.)

KAM said...

Being accountable to yourself has truly inspired me to do an intense sorting and organization of my large fabric stash; currently my daughter is helping me with the sorting through, downsizing through EBay and local thrift stores the overwhelming stash of threads of all sorts. Fabric lives mostly in bins, but to be wrapped on boards, labeled and small pieces sorted...yes, that needs to be the next step in our journey. Thank you for being that faithful "club member" who keeps coming and stepping on the scales.