05 April 2013

"e m b r a c e" fabric design available

e m b r a c e  fabric, designed by Lynn Krawczyk, copyright 2013

I'm one of those people that holds my wishes close to home. It's not until I can secure them that I even say the words, "I've always wanted to..."

Somehow I feel like I'm jinxing it if I give it voice before that. Which is nothing more then a superstition but it's a habit I've carried with me my whole life.

I'm learning that keeping my hopes close does nothing good for making them reality. And while I certainly don't expect them to *poof!* into being because I express them, I think there is something to putting them out into the universe. The energy begins, hopefully takes on a life of it's own and if nothing else, it's honored because it's seen the light of day.

I love making fabric - that's no secret - and I'd love to have it go out into the world so others can use it as well. But hand printed pieces are expensive - both for me and the buyer. I've flirted with offering fabric in my Spoonflower shop before but never really felt like I found my footing so I'm trying again. 

I'm starting a new series of fabrics with writing on them. The first one available is the one in this post  e m b r a c e

These will combine my love of making fabric and writing in a way that I hope speaks to others as well.  A single small step toward shedding light on a wish. :)


Kat Scott said...

Honoring our hopes and dreams certainly stirs the energy of the universe in a positive direction.

Carol said...

Congrats! The fabric is beautiful and I wish you great success!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

It's lovely! I can see this being used in some home-dec applications, too. Congratulations on chasing your dreams to fruition.

Janice Brewster said...

Congrats on the fabric! Your demos at the open studios in Houston were such fun to watch!