08 December 2012

"the written sketchbook" online class - join me!

Its not a giant secret that I love to write.

When I wrote about how I keep my sketchbook for Quilting Arts' Off the Page feature, I got a lot of emails. Most were surprised that my sketchbook looks so...basic:

As an abstract artist, I don't spend a lot of time drawing. Most of it is ideas and writing.

Lots of writing.

I realized some time ago that writing helps me be a better artist. And when the inside of my sketchbook got exposed, there was a lot of curiosity about what I write about.  And how to write.

I'm not an editor nor am I claiming to know everything that there is to know about writing. But I love it. I love it in a way that can't really be explained because it gives me comfort, it empowers me, it helps me see the world in a clearer way.

And I want to share that with you.

So I'm extremely pleased to offer my first online class, The Written Sketchbook. Here's what the class includes:

Once a month over the course of six months you'll receive a link to download a PDF with a writing prompt. (Class begins on January 19, 2013. On January 5, 2013 you will receive an invitation to join a Yahoo group to discuss your writing with Lynn and other students, this is optional.)

Here's what you'll receive in each prompt:

* A different form of writing will be featured, such as haiku and photo essays.

* An exercise that explores that form of writing. Lynn will do the exercise as an example and then ask you to do the same.

* Three additional prompts to serve as jumping off points for additional writing over the course of the month.

* A Featured Artist that has made writing an integrated part of her art process. She will share her own personal writings as well as show artwork that relates to it. Featured Artists include
Virginia Spiegel, Karen Anne Glick, Lynn Krawczyk, Lesley Riley and Sue Bleiweiss.

I'm really excited to introduce you to the writing of these other artists. I have a lot to share with you but so do they and their perspective is very special. 

This is a creative writing class. I won't be critiquing your work, I won't be telling you you did something wrong. Because I truly believe that writing is intensely personal and its what you want it to be. It can't be wrong.

I've set up a Facebook page for the class that is open for viewing. I'll be indulging my geeky love of writing there with inspirational quotes and the like. But the class conversations will be held privately through the Yahoo group so don't worry, the entire world won't see what you write. :)

You can enroll through the class by purchasing a spot through my Etsy shop. I set up listings there to make it easy, especially since Etsy takes credit cards now.

The class is only $28

And if you'd like to purchase it as a gift for someone, just let me know in the notes section when you check out through Etsy.

Enrollment is open up until the day before the class begins so you have until January 18, 2013. I promise you that the class is not scary. It will be a simple easy way to try out a writing practice and I think we'll have a lovely time together.

Hope to see you in class. :)


Frieda Oxenham said...

Hi Lynn, I would love to purchase the online class but when I get to the Etsy check-out it tells that the item can't be dispatched to the U.K. and won't let me pay. Is there anyway this can be sorted out?

Sally said...

Hello Lynn,
It's May now and I just found your blog info about the Written Sketchbook course. I'm wondering if you'll consider offering it again.


Sally Bowker