02 December 2012

etsy link love - the mount royal mint shop

I adore being part of Etsy. Its like a craft/art rave 24/7. There are so many talented artists on there that one of my favorite hobbies in the evenings when I'm unwinding from a long day is to surf the site, its like my own personal gallery walk. The thing that always strikes me most is that these are artists that just a few short years ago I would never have heard of or seen or gotten to talk to. And that's one of the biggest things that endears Etsy to me.

So I thought I'd share with you some of the artists that I've fallen for. I think you'll find them just as charming as I do. Please do visit them and admire their work, its all wonderful. :)

**All photos & listing descriptions are copyright of the seller & have been used with their express permission**

This week I'd like to introduce you to the Mount Royal Mint shop.

Sabina is a full time artist living in Montreal Quebec and she has linked spirituality to her intricately detailed, hand sewn felt bear sculptures. (She was recently interviewed by Etsy as a Featured Seller, you can read the full interview here.) 

There are zodiac bears:

this guy here reps the month of july and the cancer crab. crab symbolism includes protection, rebirth, and deep emotions. crab people are usually sensitive people who are very guarded. It takes a long time for the crab person to trust others. crab teaches us to shield ourselves when necessary, but not to let our emotions get the better of us. 

And bears handsomely decorated in costume:

a dusty brown spirit bear from the spearhead mountain ranges. he lives high on the peaks of the glacier where he watches over the lone goat pass. he has a sandy coat and a rich red belly. spearhead bear is detailed with grey felt fragments and colorful embroidered lines and designs. 

And spirit bears to guide you:

The spirit bear is very special. he is not blonde, nor albino. he is black. a black bear with a unique gene. (science calls it "degenerative" but spirit bears prefer softer terms)

Due to his earmarked appearance, spirit bear holds a prominent place in the mythology of the Canadian First Nations.

They are serene and beautiful, bearing the hand of the maker in a wonderful way. Its a clear connection of spirituality and the art of handmade. Please visit Mount Royal Mint to see more of her work.


Robbie said...

How interesting..thanks for introducing us to this artist...look forward to meeting others!

KAM said...

What delightfully special felted pieces she makes! It is great to see these up close shots and I appreciate you introducing me to her work.