18 December 2012

coffee sketch

I splurged and picked up an iPad mini. I'm an admitted Apple junkie but I had resisted the iPad tractor beam for a long time (it wasn't easy). But once they shrunk it down and made it lighter, I turned into a nattering idiot as I debated over getting one.

I got curious about the different art apps that I could get and came across Paper 53.

I'm in love.

Now I don't consider myself a sketcher by any stretch but there is something very freeing about being able to remove something I don't care for with a simple swipe of the finger.

So I tried out all the features by creating a silly little homage to my love, dear coffee:

Its very painterly, not really something I do in my real life sketchbooks. But its fun to experiment. I'm interested to see if I can meld my normal sketchbook/journaling style with this app. Maybe even use it for writing.

It seems that there is always an opportunity to make art no matter what. How thrilling! :)


Lynda said...

Congrats! I just bought an Ipad 3 and love it. I'm also a Mac person. I've been looking for a sketching app. Thanks. I bought Brushes but have had a hard time with it. As a fellow writer you might like Noteshelf where you can write or type. Yesterday I was drawing in it. Pretty neat. Love your sketch.

Pattie Wall said...

Nice to see you have come over to the darkside, Obi Wan.

Dfoote said...

Lynne, what fun I am having with Paper 53, thanks for letting me know about this app. I love my iPad and now have something else to play with. Of course it is like any drug they lured me in with the free stuff so they can charge me for the extra more fun stuff, oh well it is the holiday season, fa-la-la, more art supplies for me.

sona nast said...

I recommend Muji Notebook. It is not a drawing app per se, although you can draw with it. I use it as a journal to capture ideas. You can type in notes, import pictures and sketch ideas

HollyM said...

I tried the free App which is fun and I think I'd to purchase the full kit. I am having a bit of trouble navigating with it though so I'm not sure.