10 June 2012

want to buy my stuff?

I've learned two things about my art supply habit: (1) it is healthy and (2) it is vast.

I spent today picking through all the things that I want to sell off and realized that there is still more lurking. I simply don't have the fortitude to get through it all. Besides the fact that my sister-in-law is letting me crash her sale with my stuff and I don't want to haul the whole studio over there (although I kind of feel like I already am.

Dooley thought I was nuts. He retired to his blanket and just sort of eyed me as I shuffled back and forth sorting things.

So here's the deal, if you are in the area and want to come shop, email me at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net and I'll tell ya where to show up. The sale is on June 15 and June 16 from 9am-5pm. I have not priced anything. I want it all to go away. So show up and make a pile and we'll work out a deal. (I'm a seriously motivated seller.)

I'm not doing online sales for this, I've already been asked. I may at another time but this is a show up in my area (I'm in southeast Michigan) and dig in kind of deal.

Want a preview of what I'm getting rid of?

17 different types of alpahabets (doubt any of them are complete but think mixed media)

An incredible amount of found objects that include polymer clay faces, little glass bottles, bottlecaps, teeny tiny watch parts, beaded fringe, ribbon (for trim) wire dress forms, charms, sadistic mugs (seen in the lower right hand corner), stencils, craft wire, polymer clay (just a couple), some rubber for carving your own stamps (again, just a little), a couple of paper punches and about a billion other tiny things in these bins.

And then there is fabric. A couple of healthy piles of cotton that include asian, african and batiks. That large green bag looming in the back is silk fabric. I'll never use it - it needs to be yours. I have patterns and ott lights and little strings of stuffed chickens and elephants that need a new home.

Books, magazines (super cheap, $5 for a dollar or 25 cents each), small storage items, pillow forms, a xyron machine, paper cutter and other odds and ends. There's a video for free motion quilting, free motion quilting gloves and a slidey mat - from the time when I thought I'd fall in love with working on a machine. Yes, you may giggle. (And no, the westie is not up for grabs.)

And last but not least, here are the beads. They all need to go. There are all kinds - seeds, squares, drops, charms, wood, glass, bugle - going going gone! They are bored with me, they've been hanging around for a long time and want to play at someone else's house.

So that's what there is. I hope you'll come haul away a pile and give it some love!


mary said...

the beads...i am interested in those for sure...let me know what you want for them

Jeannie said...

I guess the price of a plane ticket will keep me from attending, but your sale is my idea of heaven! Although, I could cuddle Dooley and visit you.....I wonder how many miles I have saved up? xoxo

Mary Stori said...

NO, NO, NO I WANT the beads.......

Jo said...

Hmmmm. How much for the little white dog Dooley. He and Sparky would be buds.

Kathy said...

I think there may be a bead war in the future! I want them, too, but unfortunately I am otherwise committed for both those day or my weapons would be at the ready!!!!!

Lynda said...

Sure glad I dont live near you or I'd definitely be grabbing up that fabric!