17 June 2012

solo show at sandhill crane vineyards

Yesterday morning I got up early and drove out to probably the prettiest place on earth: Sandhill Crane Vineyards. Earlier this year, I booked a solo show at their lovely winery and I hung it yesterday.

Solo shows have been on my mind lately and I decided to start on the small side. When I heard that Sandhill Crane Vineyards was booking artists, it was a no brainer - lovely space, beautiful location and awesome people. What could be better?

Here are the necessary details:

Printed, Stitched, Collaged
textile and assemblages by Lynn Krawczyk
4724 Walz Road
Jackson, MI 49201
June 16-August 11, 2012

I shot a video to show you not only my work on display but also the vineyards:

I couldn't be happier with the whole thing. I decided to hang the work gallery style (single line) instead of double hanging to get more work up. I have plenty more that could have gone up but I like the clean appearance and it also allowed me to mix in some assemblages with the canvas work. Since the show will be up for the majority of the summer, having work left over will let me replace anything that sells.

My hope is to book one solo show a year so I'm already looking to 2013 for possibilities. I may already be too late as galleries book out so far in advance but I'm learning to look at spaces beyond galleries and realizing that there are so many possibilities out there - its really quite astounding.

I hope you enjoy the video and I hope if you are in the area that you will go out and see it. The space is lovely and the wine is awesome! I came home with a bottle of strawberry wine and its just lovely. Good things all around!

I'll leave you with some more photos of the grounds - enjoy!


Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and the wineyard is awesome, too! Congrats sweetie!!

sherry peterson said...

This is a very good video of an awesome place and some terrific work.I will look forward to getting back out to the vineyard.

KAM said...

Thanks for the beautiful tour of the vineyard and the great opportunity to see your show hanging in this intimate, delicious spot. The video captures the flavor of the show for one like me who lives far from the venue...felt like I was having a visit to see your work....so much more so than a slide show...thanks for the invite on FB to come to see your show - it was my delight to enjoy your work hung as a collection.

Oma's Patch said...

Beautiful Location!
Your work looks wonderful there!
Now I have the perfect excuse to go out there again.

Deborah Boschert said...

Congratulations! What a great space for your work.

Leann said...

Congratulations, your work looks wonderful.

Carol Soderlund said...

Congrats, Lynn! It looks wonderful.

Thea Belecz said...

Wonderful! If I were anywhere near Michigan, I'd come in a heartbeat. Grew up in Muskegon, went to school in E. Lansing, and I love Michigan, too!