05 June 2012

keep calm and write on

I decided it was time to claim a permanent space for my writing. Not only do I write for articles but also fiction. And it got to a point where it was feeling like I was being rude to it by not giving it its own space. After all, the fabric has plenty of space to play, why shouldn't the writing?

I have a table in my studio that used to be my primary work table before I got my print table. Its small, from IKEA, and works well but not for printing and large projects. So its just kind of been hanging around, acting as a catch all for things that needed to be put away.

No more. Cleared it off, bought my laptop a new large friend (seen on the right) and made it a designated writing space.

I couldn't love it more. :)

Keep Calm and Write On. Indeed.


Thea Belecz said...

Good morning, Lynn! Been thinking about quitting my blog - thanks for the encouragement. I shall indeed keep calm and write on. have a good day!

Deb H said...

Every important activity needs it's own zone. Just ask any Kindergarten teacher ;o) I have my studio organized that way too. Love the writing desk, will we ever get to see your doodles on it?