16 February 2010

thinning the herd

This may not look like much to you but trust me, this is a big deal.

I'm lucky to have a good sized studio space but this closet in the corner had turned into a junk pile over the past few years. Add to it the fact that there is a hope chest in there (that will be moved out shortly) and its basically become unusable space.

Its horrible to say but often my finished works get tossed about on whatever surface happens to be bare at the moment. I'm just asking for catastrophe to happen.

Yesterday I decided it was time to reclaim the space and start treating my work with more respect (meaning not leaving it on piles on the floor and walking around them.) Much of what was in that closet was old work and UFOs. I'm not the type of person that has to save every single thing I make so when I started the spelunking adventure into there, I knew that I would just toss much of it.

And I did. What you see hanging in the closet now is completed work and fabric that I've printed (that was previously hanging over the back of my work chair and constantly getting knocked onto the floor). The bins hold UFOs but they are work that I actually stand a chance of finishing, not just a freakish yearbook of every stab I took at executing something.

This makes me hugely happy. When I look at it, I realize I actually have a decent amount of work and its got me itching to make more now that I have a proper place to store it.

I expect I will obsess over this space quite a bit more once the hope chest is moved out but for now I just want to admire it in all its bizarre turquoise wall (which is not the color of the rest of the studio) glory...


FunkyC said...

Looks great! Lynn: 10. Inner Packrat: 0.

mary said...

oh wow!!! you did good with that!

Kim Hambric said...

Good work! I'm sure it will stay that neat and tidy for the next couple of years. I wish you could come and do the same for me.