12 February 2010

in scheming mode

Sometimes my brain moves so far ahead of what I'm actually capable of keeping up with it makes me wonder what brand of crazy I am. (But don't worry, I like it...)

I've got lots of things running through my mind right now and most of them are projects that I'm eager to begin. Unfortunately, a cold has settled right smack in the middle of my face and I sound sort of gurggly. It ain't pretty.

I spent the day trying to rest so it won't get worse (I say trying because I'm totally incapable of sitting still) and while I managed to get my body to stop moving, I couldn't get my mind to do the same.

1. I've got two awesome opportunities sitting in the background and I'm itching to tell you about them but I've got to wait until I get confirmation before I do. One will be announced soon but the other will take quite a while before I can reveal it.

2. All of a sudden I've got ideas for about twenty different projects I want to start. Seems like inspiration is smacking me clear upside the head and I'm glad that the last time I went out to pick up some supplies, I also picked up a sketch book - something I haven't kept in a couple of years now. Here's a wonky view of the current one I started (just a close up, its still in pieces):

I'm pretty excited about this one. If it plays out the way I have it in my mind, it'll be a series.

3. I cleaned out my storage unit yesterday of all the things that I don't want to keep and during the process I unearthed a cutting table with collapsible sides (I got it from joann's but couldn't find it on their website to link to) that will be well loved and well used in my studio. I'm totally geeked about not having to crawl around the floor when I need to cut something out.

4. I also need to devise an inexpensive kind of organizing system for the closet in my studio. I plan to attack it with a vengeance and purge it once and for all. I've got too much stuff just hanging around that needs a home and its making me i-n-s-a-n-e. I'm considering this. Any suggestions?

5. I spent a large portion of today working on the website for the fiber art group I belong to, Running with Scissors. I'm still not done with it but I decided to go ahead and publish what I do have done. I'm also scheming on what else to do with that site...

6. I'm watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics while I write this and am really enjoying it. I'm a bit befuddled as to why it seemed that there was no advertising leading up to it. At any rate, its been fun watching everyone bounce around excited. (There's some punk rock kilt guy tap dancing right now. They get an A+ for originality.) I also loved the hats Sweden wore when they marched into the stadium - really awesome crocheted ones. Crochet represent!

7. Dooley is unimpressed with all my plans:

I'm really good at planning, especially when you give me an entire day to sit around and just think of stuff. This is usually how I get myself into trouble with far too many things to do. Or maybe its all the snow that makes me want to hibernate and then my mind wanders off the leash before I know it...

But I ask you honestly (because I know many of you are just like me), would you be happier any other way? That's what I thought...me either.

What have you been scheming lately?



kathy n said...

I was looking for one of those canvas hangie thingies last week at Container Store...girlchild has one, and the plastic snap-together one in the front closet keeps falling apart, so I want to GET RID OF IT. I guess Amazon is the way to go...

Anonymous said...

The RWS website is lookin' great Lynn! Hope you are feeling better today....before you mind explodes with too many ideas.

Kat Campau said...

I need to purge my stuff again too. It needs it every six months! I may try those canvas shelves this time too.