14 February 2010

an art day

Yesterday Leann and I braved the cold weather and visited a few local galleries.

The first stop was to the Northville Art House where we both recently became members. The annual member show is hanging this month and we both have work in it. You can see Strike 1 and Strike 2 below:

That's Leann's very cool Voodoo Blue on the pedestal there.

After that Leann introduced me to two other galleries I had not been to before.

The first was Art & Ideas where we saw a wood block print show by Shaqe Kalaj. To say that the work is outstanding is a gross understatement. Not only was Shaque fascinating to talk to but her artwork has tremendous impact and I really enjoyed looking at it. If you have a chance to see her work, I highly recommend it.

The second place was Red Twig Gallery, a very funky little gallery that showcases local artists in the Plymouth area. Everything in there was charming - from the wide array of artwork (glad to see fiber art represented there) to the old doors that they jointed together to use as display walls.

There were block prints at Red Twig as well, I'm completely smitten with them. I've done some lino prints but its been a while, may have to try it again soon.

I spent the day on the sofa today trying to convince this stupid cold to leave me alone. Its not budging just yet. Its sucking my life force out, I have nothing nice to say about it.

I've got all my dyeing supplies but no energy to get going so its a little frustrating. But if you're looking for dye inspiration, go check out Gisela's blog. She's been snow dyeing fabric and holy cow, is she doing an absolutely fantastic job! I may have to give it a go since we have a good amount of it right now.

But tonight? Tonight I stare at a television and wait for my face to stop feeling like a brick is sitting on it.

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