21 February 2010

getting closer

I grabbed the pile of solids and headed into the studio today to make what is shown above. (I still need to sew the left half together but decided to step back and let it percolate because I think that side needs a little bit of work yet.)

This is getting closer to what I want to do. I'm definitely much happier with the sharp contrast. I've decided that I want to base these pieces off architecture. I raided my brother's photos for this trial piece to see if that idea felt right and it did. I'm particularly attracted to older buildings and decay, has more interesting lines to it. I still consider it free form piecing even though I'm following the lines in a photo.

Everything is clicking so far. Since the color palette I used for this practice piece is so limited it was a little frustrating. But I didn't want to invest a lot of money if it wasn't something I wanted to keep on with.

It definitely is.

Here is a comparison with the first piece I put together:

Drastic difference.

I'm trying to decide if I want to dye my own fabrics for this or if I want to use commercial solids. I don't really have a prejudice against commercial fabrics like some fiber artists do. I have very limited space for dyeing so I'm thinking that right now, I'm just going to work with commercial fabrics to get this going.

These are thrilling me because they want to be larger pieces. (The one above is a little on the smallish side - probably around 20" wide by 18" high.) I normally work small and have been very happy with that but these seem to grow at a quick rate and its pretty exciting for the girl that normally makes little bitty things.

Still need to figure out how to finish them - meaning quilting or no quilting. Since I'm so undecided about it, I'm going to let it brew. I want to just make compositions and maybe as I'm working something will click.

I've got a weird way of piecing them together. I tried doing it the "right" way but just couldn't find a groove. Since I have zero piecing background, I figure I'll just mutate the technique to where I feel comfortable with it and not worry about it.

So there it is. Its another new direction and although I feel a little uneasy with it right now, I'm going to stick with it. I'm working on two opposite ends of the spectrums now - heavily surface designed pieces (where I gravitate strongly to hand dyed fabrics) and now these graphic ones where I seem content (for now) to attack with commercial fabrics.

Don't ask, I've got no explanation for you...


Gerrie said...

I really like the trial # 2 very much.

FunkyC said...

The contrast is good. Takes the 'nice' out of it.

janice said...

Lynn I defintely like the second one more, but this is really creepy. This last week I did three small items which were just shapes, because I needed to get back to fabric art. I was using up a tiny bit of my stash ala Medoldy's current project.
While they don't look anything like yours, they are just cut throw on the wall, move around, and eventually sew.

Kat Campau said...

I think sashiko quilting lines would be good on these. It gives a bold, but not solid line, done with heavy thread. That would satisfy your hand sewing urge.

Leann said...

Lynn, I love the second one, you've really got a grove going.

wlstarn said...

Your trial #2, at least the right side, has a definite resemblance to the original photo in the post directly below.
I think you're on the right track; the second piece is not boring.
"Make it work, and don't bore Nina." (Tim Gunn)

bj parady said...

I like #2 much better. Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Do love this direction you are going!