14 November 2008

there's no stopping it now...

...when I go on a knitting binge, I really go on a knitting binge.

I've taken to surfing etsy for different yarns and obsessively scouring sites for free patterns and trying to mentally calculate just how much I could actually knit for gifts this year. (I've actually abandoned the last activity. I've heard tell of perfectly sane people who drool in the corner on Christmas Eve, needles in hand, and muttering about how they will finish that sweater by the morning. I'm already half there, I don't need the extra nudge.)

But today demonstrated to me just how strong its taken root.

It would turn out that I am a lace knitter. I'm being sucked into it, especially by patterns like this one. Even though Mary teases me that the only reason I wear so much black clothing is because they haven't made a darker color yet, I am inexplicably drawn to the icy blue color of that yarn.

But that's not proof that I've gone off the deep end. Wanting to make this is.

Come on, say it with me, "Ooooooooooooooooooooooo, that's puuuuuuurttttyyyy" *sigh* Yes, yes it is.

I bought the pattern. It scares the crap out of me. I have no idea what I am looking at but since I am an incredibly stubborn person and refuse to be defeated by something as simple as sheep hair and sticks, I'm going to give it a shot once I've wrapped up the scarves I have on the needles now.

Now I can hear you saying that this would make a good winter wear item and since winter is here I should knit it now. No, no. I believe this will take me approximately twenty years to knit so I'm really not in that much of a rush. I also want to pick someone's brain about how to adjust things to fit me better.

And be sure to take a nice long look at the online magazine it comes from, Twist Collective. I hadn't heard of it before today and its a really really really nice publication. The patterns are available for purchase (obviously since I got that sweater/coat pattern, duh). Just hold your mouse over the pattern title and it pops up with more pictures and info. Its yet another in the long list of knitting crack dealer/enablers who just add fuel to the fire. But in a totally good way.

And so the knitting obsession rages on over on this end. I suppose there are worse ways to be.

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Yarnhog said...

I've already queued four patterns from that magazine (it just came out today).