03 February 2008

Here's how to fix it...

Take a day (a weekend day works best) and give men a huge distraction. Usually something along the lines of other men dressed in spandex chasing each other around a fake grass field over a leather ball works best.

Then take a shop that sells all varieties of yarn and put it all of it on sale on the same day. This allows women to exit the house without being noticed.

What exactly does this fix? The economic depression. I saw absolutely no evidence of a lack of discretionary spending money today. Yarn was flying, women were sedated into a pleasant stupor, and the line to the cash register caused mild fights because its stretched so long that yarn displays were being blocked.

This was the scene today at the Old Village Yarn Shop. All the yarn is on sale today for 30% off. And the already sale yarn was discounted an additional 30% off. (All the stuff that was on sale prior today was all novelty stuff and I just can't bring myself to buy yarn that looks like something a cat coughed up no matter how cheap it is. The stuff was at 80% off since it was already half off and then got knocked down more. One lady got $450 worth of the stuff for $90. I thought she was going to faint.)

I knew I wanted to go there for some Noro Sock Yarn. I have no intention of making it into socks because it seems like it would be the equivalent of wearing brillo pads on your feet. Plus its thick and thin so I'm going to use it for knitting leaves. Or lace. Or something other then what it is intended for. That should be an adventure. I also picked up some of the Noro that has silk in it. I've drooled on it every time I've gone in there and just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it but the discount made it doable. Here, meet my new Noro friends:

I did actually go in there with a plan. I've been wanting to make this scarf from Scarf Style for a while so I decided this was a good time to get the yarn for it. I only got one color even though the pattern calls for sploots of other colors. I didn't really like that so I'm going to do it all in one color. Patterns are only suggestions, right?

I had copied the page of the pattern that had how much yarn I needed to take with me. One lady saw me with it and about knocked me over for it. I decided to let her have it, she kind of scared me a little. It truly was a contact sport in there today.

And lastly, these guys followed me home. They are Sulka yarn and they are wool, alpaca and silk. Yet another one that I pet every time I go in there but wished it was just a little bit cheaper. Today it was so today I got some. I'm a big fan of grey tones of wool, very natural feeling and organic. Love it.

I'm finding that I'm buying more stitch pattern books then I am actual pattern books. Which means I'm following the same path I did when I first got interested in quilting: I'm planning on making up my own stuff. Which does result in a lot of swearing and teeth gnashing but hey, what's a hobby worth if it doesn't challenge you? (And make you a little looney?)

So remember, Super Bowl sunday is for women too. You just need to swap the field out for a yarn store and the football out for wool. I feel like I finally understand the appeal of it now.

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