12 November 2007

Some art!

I know, I know...its an incredibly creative title but considering the fact that its been a while since I've done a post about artwork it seems appropriate. And now that I've gotten you all excited, I have to admit that its not my art. I collect small fiber art pieces so I thought I would share with you one I just purchased.

I got this in the mail today from Wen Redmond. You may remember her from her extremely cool article in the April/May 2007 issue of Quilting Arts. After her article, "Holographic Memories," I went to her website and drooled...and drooled...and drooled some more.

I finally wrote to her and told her that I would like to purchase a giclee of "Opening", the piece above. She let me know that she would have to create one and set to work on it. Its absolutely wonderful!!! (The colors are much more vibrant in person, go see her website for a better photo. The one she made me is a mini version of the one on her site, measuring about 13"x16".)

Wen is a wonderful artist and she is also really friendly and easy to work with. She was very willing to work with me on the size of the piece and I am extremely excited to hang this in my studio! Go check out her work...and keep some tissue next to your keyboard because its seriously drool-worthy.

And just to prove that I am not a complete slacker, I've been taking a lot of photos lately. I've just posted several on my Flickr page and my mind is working on the different ways I can incorporate these into some collages and art quilts.

Here are two of my new favorites. These are really interesting because the first one is rust from an old Ford pick-up truck and the second one is of bark! Its interesting that they seem to share some of the same characteristics.

Hey, if you know what kind of tree is in the bark picture, leave me a comment. Its the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Go here to see the other two shots I took of it, I'm really curious about it!


bj parady said...

You're kind of far north for this, and it's hard to tell without seeing more of the tree, but could it be a sycamore? Is the bark smooth and white on the upper parts of the trunk? Does it have very large leaves? As a trained botanist, I hesitate to be sure without further views, but I'm thinking 'sycamore.'

Fibra Artysta said...

Hi BJ,

Yes, the bark was much whiter farther up the tree. You gotta remember I'm pretty short so this was closer to the ground. LOL! :) If I have time, I will stop by and take a picture of the whole thing, maybe that will help!


bj parady said...

I had a botany professor that said a good botanist should be able to identify species driving by at 55 miles per hour...so I got fairly good at trees as a whole. Tiny pieces of bark, not so much. But if there are any leaves around, and it is a sycamore, they are shaped kind of like maple leaves but much larger--like maybe 10-12 inches across at the widest point.