15 November 2007

The definition of boring...

...that would be me. I've got absolutely nothing exciting to write about. I'm not doing anything thrilling (I'm pretty sure battling back insane sinus activity due to yet another turn in the weather doesn't count) and I've got no big plans for my long weekend.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch-o.

But I've been doing a lot of thinking and here are all the things I'd like to try out doing art-wise:

Linocuts (this one will see reality pretty quickly because I went and visited the university art supply store at lunch time and picked up a couple blocks. Wish me luck that I don't cut of my hand while carving them.)

More knitting.

Spinning with a drop spindle. (I'm still trying to find my groove with this one. I'm beginning to understand why the wheel was invented.)

Some acryllic/mixed media canvas monstrosities. (Not sure what to call them really. Its kind of a cruel name but I think it will basically be doodling run amuck.)

Assemblage. (I have a burning desire to cover everything in rust. I like it. Tom took me to a hobby shop and I bought some paints called "Bone beige", "Scab red" and "Bubonic brown." I can't wait to use them on something so I can say "Why yes, that is a lovely shade of brown. Doesn't it remind you of the plague??" Gotta keep people on their toes...)

Fiber sculpture. (What is that you ask? Not sure. What will it look like? I'd like to know too. I've got wire, I've got fabric strips and I've got this rug weaving thingie to wind it around. Again, this may end up in the monstrosity category but nothing ventured, nothing gained.)

Collages. (I like chaos. Enough said.)

Encaustic painting. (This could be messy. I will have to make sure the westie is safely secured before melting any wax.)

Oh yeah, and in between trying out all this stuff, I still go to work for about ten hours a day and do other domesticated type duties.

No, really, I'm not delusional.

I can tell you that I am commited to finishing up my studio this weekend. The fact that it is so close to being done has turned into a nagging annoyance of epic proportions. What is done looks pretty snazzy. There will be a big celebration posting with tons of pictures (even the tragic "before" shots that I ordinarily wouldn't share but are necessary to make sure you are properly impressed with the makeover) to oogle.

Bear with me, I'll be intersting again soon...


Kim Hambric said...

OK. If you do even half of these things, let me know. That would really be amazing. My forays into art are kind of like a box of chocolates. Not the Forrest Gump kind, but like the kind where, as a child, someone offered me some chocolates and my mother would say "just pick one". I feel so GUILTY when I veer away from quilting for one hour.

Dale Anne said...

I used to be one who lived with a HUGE bottle of Tylenol Sinus and had serious sinus heachaches, etc.
A friend told me about the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type" by Dr. Peter Adamo (its all about eating for your Blood type) and that was July 2004 and I have NOT had any sinus infections since.
Turns out things I ate were causing the build up in my sinuses.
Check it out of the library - he's got several books out now, the one above was the first.

Fibra Artysta said...

Dale Ann,

Thanks for the advice, I will take a look at that book! It seems the older I get the more sinus trouble I have but its not that unusual for Michigan residents so I just chalked it up to that. But I will check out the book, maybe it will help! :)


Fibra Artysta said...


I know it sounds weird but a lot of times I feel unfaithful if I don't do fiber art! LOL! But it helps me be more creative by playing in other mediums, its really freeing!!!