26 November 2007

Faster then a speeding bullet!

Does this yarn look familiar to you? It should...since I just blogged about it yesterday. Its that big huge mammoth beastie (tamed by Kathleen-the-Yarn-Winding-Goddess) that I picked up at Artisan Knitworks.

I decided to take a size Q crochet hook to it. Armed with my plastic friend, it only took me an hour and a half to make this.

What's that you say? Are you calling me a liar? No really. It only took an hour and a half!

I have a couple crochet stitch books but I just wanted something easy and simple since this yarn is so gigantic and pretty. So I went for a simple bobble scarf and made it up as I went. Here is a close up of the bobble pattern.

They are a little tough to see but they are there and waaaaaaayyyy cool. Not that I am a crochet expert by any means but if you want a simple bobble scarf, here is the pattern I made up for it:

Lynn's Mammoth Bobble Scarf

Yarn: massively chunky

Hook: Size Q


How to make the bobble: begin doing a double crochet but don't finish it, only pull the yarn through the first half of the double crochet. Repeat this so you have three unfinished double crochets worked into the same space, which results in four loops left on the hook. Pull the yarn through the remaining four hooks. Move on to the next stitch.

Chain 13 stitches. (You can do any number of stitches you want, just make sure you have an odd number.)

Rows 1-3: single crochet across the whole row

Row 4: single crochet three stitches, make bobble, single crochet three stitches, make bobble, single crochet the remaining three stitches in the row.

Rows 5-7: single crochet across the whole row

Row 8: single crochet five stitches, make bobble, single crochet remaining five stitches

Repeat Rows 1-8 until you run out of yarn or go blind.

Its not the most thrilling pattern in the world but its simple and it shows off the yarn.

And did I mention that I finished this in an hour and a half? I am completely dumbfounded by this. I never finish anything that quick. This might not impress you but I'm thinking that maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket tomorrow...maybe this is a sign of good things to come.

I love that yarn, I want to go back to Artisan Knitworks and pick out more big mammoth yarn. It snowed for the first time here in Michigan today and its sticking. I need my new scarf. Its waiting by my purse to be used tomorrow morning...

And did I mention I finished it in an hour and a half?

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