04 February 2012

maybe its just that simple

I've been thinking more and more about what I said in this post.

I can't say that I've had an epiphany about my work, nothing that dramatic. But I can say this: when I knew what I wanted from my art, everything felt easier, clearer.

Maybe its just that simple.

Maybe if we go into the studio with purpose and intention, our inspiration/muse/creative self is inspired as well. It becomes a session of teamwork instead of working alone.


Jeannie said...

First, I love the art in this photo. Is it your large piece? What you said about working with intent and purpose is so true. When I want to create and have nothing in mind, it is harder and the focus isn't there. But, when I know where I want to start, the rest seems to flow. I hope everything flows for you this weekend.

diana said...

I totally agree. Although I totally agreed with the other as well. haha! What I mean is that I am a very structured artist and must plan everything out - in detail. But I have always been so envious of the artist that walks into the studio and spontaneously makes magic happen! So I'm now of the mind that we are all going to unknowingly do it 'our way' - and that is the perfect way for each of us. Along with that thought, I believe that the structured artist is always striving to be more spontaneous and the spontaneous artist is always striving to be more structured. Which keeps us balanced and moving forward with our creativity.

Took said...

I know I sure feel like I am in some sort of collaboration with The Universe when I am working with my plaster cloth...I know what you mean.

lynda Howells said...

I agree with everything everyone has said ...interesting post xxlynda