29 February 2012

March Featured Screen of the Month

Okay, I'm fully aware that today is not March. But I'm excited about this new design and I want to get this post up because tomorrow is when I get to spill the beans about my secret project and I don't want this post to get lost in the shuffle.

BUT, since I don't want to jip the February Featured Screen of the Month - because let's be honest, its all kinds of groovy - and since February is short by a couple of days, that design is going to stay up in the shop for an extra week. 

Please allow me to introduce you to the March Featured Screen of the Month, "Bounce":

This energetic design is brought to you by the super talented Lesley Riley. Isn't it awesome? Its so full of life and fun! :) The perfect antidote to the blahs of the winter months.

Here, take another look:

I've got visions of making a laptop pillow with this, I'll post a quick tutorial on how to do that next week so you can make one too. (All I can think about when I look at this is bouncy, bouncy bouncy!!!)

Lesley is a very talented mixed media artist, working in both art quilts and books. She's well known for using image transfers in her work and created TAP - Transfer Artist Paper.  She's also an author and a wonderful instructor - Lesley taught a mixed media class in Houston at the International Quilt Festival several years ago and it was the first mixed media class I ever took. I fell madly in love and came away truly inspired! :)

And if all that isn't enough, she's also the founder of Artist Success. She offers coaching to help you along in your creative endeavors. And after all the things that she's accomplished, she really knows what she is talking about.

Its truly an honor to have her design a screen for the shop - she's a never ending source of inspiration! I hope you like it too and don't wait to pick it up because its only available for the month of March!! :)

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