07 February 2012

snuggly prize! :)

I love doing giveaways on my blog and I'm not alone - there are tons of super talented people giving away their awesome products.

The fabulous crochet designer, Diana of Anaid Designs, had one over at her blog. I got super excited because a couple of months ago I purchased one of her crochet rugs for my bedroom. I adore it - soft and warm and super squishy. So nice to wake up and walk across first thing each morning. :)

Imagine my delight when I won the giveaway on her blog for one of her hooded crochet cowls! Hooray!

We've had a really mild winter but for those of you not from this area of the country, we're calling 32 degrees really mild. Still cold. Even colder if we get one of those obnoxious windy days.

I'll still be dressing in layers until April and now I can do it with some serious style! :) I really love the blue and grey yarn she used, so so soft too. I think crochet has a bad rap to some extent as being a stiff piece of platic-y craft. SO untrue and Diana really proves it. This cowl has beautiful drape and I can drag it up over my head like a hood on the less pleasant days. It will get tons of use!

If cowls don't strike your fancy, no worries. Tons of other great things there - hats, scarves, rugs, ipad cozies. She's a crochet genius. :)

And just to prove her awesomeness even more, Diana is offering all you wonderful folks a 15% off discount! You've got until Feb 14th to use the code.

Just go visit her shop and at checkout enter the code JUST4ME and the discount will come off straight away.

I'm sure you'll find something there that you love and she's super nice and easy to work with. Get some crochet love for yourself! :)


diana said...

Thanks Lynn! You are such a doll! I'm loving that you are enjoying the cowl! And for everyone else reading this - I will carry that 15% off code for you through Valentines day! :)

Lesley Riley said...

Super looking, like it was made for you. Congratulations!

Jeannie said...

The cowl looks gorgeous on you! It really brings out the color of your eyes. I love crochet and prefer it over knitting. I can crochet in my sleep, knitting I have to be present. Yes, we haven't seen 40degrees in so long, but I know I'll be griping about 98 degree days soon. ;D