27 June 2011

should it have a purpose?

Instead of me waxing poetic today about my own thoughts, I'd love to know your's:

Should art have a purpose?

If you make it, should you intend to exhibit it, sell it, give it away - is it enough to just make it?

If no one ever saw what you make, would you continue to create?


mary said...

yes i would and do still create
not everyone see's everything i do
some i keep just to myself for reasons all my own.
as artists i think it's our therapy in a way.

Took said...

Yes, absolutely...it's like I have to make most of this stuff...almost as if I have no choice. (Think of Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind...LOL) I have blogged about the things I make for quite a while now, but this is the first year that I have participated in shows.

Leann said...

Art should have a purpose, and that purpose is to please the artist. Everything else is gravy.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely still create. There is something in the planning and executing that fills a need in me. Now, finishing...that's a different story...LOL!

Goddess of Flame

Deb H said...

Does art need a purpose? Some critics would say it must change the world to be art, I say hooey. Would I make it if no one ever saw it? This is a deep thought question. As I ponder it I think I may make more if I thought no one would ever see it. Hmmmm, do I feel a new approach coming on?

Anonymous said...

If nobody saw it, not even my family and friends, that would be a pretty impressive lifestyle to uphold considering how nosey they are. If i was to make art just for myself i'd be perfectly happy. I dont like exhibiting all that much. I dont care for academic or professional success. I have no interest in fame or money. I have no desire for critique or opinions. But... i do LIKE to share what i make, just because i find such pleasure from looking at other peoples work in return. I like contributing to the pool of ideas in the hope that whatever i do may inspire some far of person. Blogging... now that i've got my goals clear in my mind, is purely for my enjoyment. I like the presentation, the collecting, the display of everything together. If nobody saw it i wouldnt mind but i think it would be a very sad thing that something so magical wasnt shared. Its like growing a beautiful rose and then only keeping it for yourself to look at.

Going back to the original title- should art have a purpose, i think that art has a purpose no matter what you intend for it. Just the act of being creative in creating it is a purpose- you are changed every time you make something. A goal is achieved. A new form is born. Time has passed.

Whether other people or even yourself appreciate that moment or purpose is a different kettle of fish.

Kim Hambric said...

I suppose I should try harder to exhibit and sell my work. I just can't stop myself from making it long enough to do much with it.

I always thought the purpose was to make it.

Then I guess making a living from it would be a good second step.

Lynn said...

I create because of a need within me. The projects have to come out. It is the process of creating that fills me.

dsigns said...

I don't need my art to have a purpose. I make what pleases me, or at least I try. It is fun to share the results with friends and get their comments.