08 June 2011

the season of pause

Summer has officially arrived. And that means I'm slowing down. My process nearly demands this of me, its something that I've noticed has grown into a habit over the past few years.

Summer is for planning and experimenting. Summer is for daydreaming and a meandering pace in the studio.

I think its because so many years of school has ingrained in me that this is truly the end of the year. There should be a break here but my adult self no longer gets to indulge in that. So I do a sort of substitution, I let my creative self off the leash to stomp around for a few weeks.

Today when I got home from work (to the tune of 100 degree weather for the second day in a row), I was greeted with these:

I'm not a gardener. My idea of gardening is that the plant has to meet two criteria: (1) I only have to plant it once and (2) I don't want to have to dump three gallons of water on it every day during the hot parts of the season. Surprisingly, my peonies are happy with this arrangement and are thriving.

Today my list making began with I my "Anything Goes List." And that's just what its all about - I make a list of everything I've ever wanted to do art wise - no matter how big or small. It gets pretty out of control pretty quickly but its really freeing. Its playing, its the ultimate daydream, its a nothing-is-too-outrageous kind of deal.

Its something I'll spend probably about a week on, adding to it here and there. And then over the rest of the summer I'll poke at it and see what's in there that I think I want to tackle. That list will end up forming the frame for my autumn and winter project lists.

In between all that I'll putter and play. I've felt this lethargic time coming for a couple of weeks now. I've wanted my studio to be different, I've wanted to let my mind wander and not focus. Its something I need to do and will. The only time I break this ritual is if something irresistible comes along.

So summer is here, my season of pause. Its a welcome old friend.


Vicki W said...

Enjoy every minute of it!

Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the summer days!

Deb H said...

I love the idea of giving yourself permission to do this. If I allowed the fallow time maybe (just maybe) I would spend less time fretting and more time actually doing.