21 May 2011

sign up for my new e-zine!

I've got exciting news - I'm going to be publishing a monthly e-zine!

What's an e-zine you ask? Isn't it just like a newsletter? Almost but not quite. And that's why I'm so excited about it.

I've got a mailing list that keeps building up every week. I've not been quite sure what to do with it because the traditional format of a newsletter just didn't make me jump up and down. See, I've got things to sell and art news to share but I do that here and didn't really want to duplicate what I say on the blog in an additional mailing.

So I stepped back, let the mailing list brew (and grow) and decided that I wanted to make it a totally separate entity from the blog. No recycled content, no duplicate posts - different.

The e-zine will talk about design processes, tips on how to fit art into your life no matter how busy your schedule is and the important role that art plays in our lives. The ideas there will be a bit more serious then they are here, a little more hyper focused. I'll still be sharing the products I offer (because I think they're quite awesome and love to spread the word) and any art news but it will be secondary to the bulk of the e-zine.

Won't you join me? :)


And if that isn't incentive enough, I'll be hosting a giveaway every month. It'll only be posted in the e-zine so you'll need to be a subscriber to see it. (I will never sell or share your name with anyone. No worries on that count.)

The e-zine will always go out on the last day of the month so the first one is coming up fast and furious. I'm excited for this new venture and I know you'll love it as much as I do! :)

Edited to Add: If you are already signed up for my mailing list, you will be getting the e-zine. Its replacing the newsletter. :)


Lesley Riley said...

Brilliant idea!

Approachable Art said...

LOL I went and tried to sign up only to find that I already had. <3

Gisela Towner said...

Me too Judi!
If we were already on your mailing list are we automatically on the E-zine list Lynn?