19 May 2011

guilt free exhaustion

Things have been quiet for a bit. I'm sure you've noticed. (Some of you have even emailed, thanks for the worry.)

For several weeks I was plowing ahead full force on a very ambitious (which is the polite adjective for it) project schedule. Last weekend marked the end of it and I promptly crashed afterward.

Exhausted. Spent. Done. Got nothing left.

The past week has been a kind of zombie mode. Go to work, answer emails that can't be ignored and lure the westie up onto the sofa via cheerios for slumber mode.

I admit that part of me kind of feels guilty when I do this. I'm a self confessed work-aholic so to just stop and not do is a bit of a rough gig. Fortunately my body is smarter then my brain and it generally forces the stall by slapping me upside the head with a cold. (Which it has done in a spectacular display this go around. Pass the kleenex, will you?)

So that's where I'm at. That's why the blog has been a ghost town. Just a year ago I would have been all apologetic and feeling bad but really, I've come to realize that just sucks more energy away and at times like these, I'm already operating on a negative supply so it doesn't do anyone any good.

I'm re-emerging, have some new ideas, have been eyeballing my knitting (which has been ignored for far far far too long) and am so happy to have the blog waiting for me. More soon! :)


Vicki W said...

Down time is good for everyone! Take full advantage of it.

Deb Prewitt said...

I'm sure finishing the big project was on your mind and such a relief and joy to be completed. I recently did just the same thing and it is exhilerating to finally be done, but it is also exhausting.

Kathy n said...

And now I feel bad because I was so busy, I didn't even notice you weren't posting! We both need a break...