27 May 2011

the importance of "just because"

I firmly believe that some projects need to be made "just because." For no other purpose then the pure enjoyment of making them.

I've been acutely aware that the past several months have seen me making new work that was attached to deadlines. And I was fine with it. They were all things I very much wanted to work on but toward the end of the long to-do list they occupied, I started to get that twitchy feeling.

I had taken no time to just be. To just make something. To just play.

I pondered this last week and realized that what I wanted most was not to design a new project but to just work. So I turned to my knitting.

Its been a long time since I've blogged about knitting and I realized its because its been a while since I've picked up my needles. I've got a folder on my computer with patterns I come across that I love and I decided it was time to make the Summerflies shawl.

While the pattern shows a lovely color, its far too girly for me. I love my earth tones and it didn't take me long to find something that fit the bill in my yarn stash (which is quite healthy and will keep me entertained for years).

This is Briar Rose Fibers yarn, in the style Harmony:

It doesn't look like they offer it anymore but its a nice one. Single ply, very rustic spun with underspun areas and overspun bits. Its a lovely merino.

I'm loving what its doing for the pattern:

I don't have too much left to go on it, I'm in the second to last section and I'm pretty amazed at how quickly its flown off the needles. Its a good pattern, enough to keep it interesting but not so hard that I'm scrounging through YouTube at 2am searching for technique videos. (By the way, YouTube taught me how to knit, there's lots of good stuff there.)

I've decided that with my three day weekend I'm going to start a new series of work. Why? Just. Because. I. Can.

I need to make sure that I do this on a regular basis, it keeps me feeling sane and satisfied. After all, that's why I make art to begin with.

Oh, and to answer the emails I've gotten about wanting to see more of Dooley love, here you go:

He wishes everyone in the U.S. a happy holiday weekend. :)


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It's looking lovely! I know exactly what you mean about making something 'just because', last year I made a lot of projects for magazines, and it's left me feeling a bit burnt out on the crafting side...

Hey we've got a bank holiday on Monday too! :D I didn't know until now that they coincide! Yay!

Have a great weekend!

Pattie Wall said...

Exactly how I am feeling lately. Got my package in the mail and I am almost ready, have to watch your vids again to make sure. That Butterflies shawl is to die for - yours is going to be awesome - model please when done, I have downloaded it...but I never finish this knitting stuff, maybe 'someday'...just because. Been making little notebooks with my new "Cinch"book binder though. I think I could do that all day every day.

Bonita Rose said...

I feel the best when I create things just because. because I am moved to do so. xo hugs Hooray for you! hugs

Karen M said...

When I feel like this, I like to pick up the pile of scraps, and just randomly start sewing them together. It can be interestiong to see what themes emerge. The resulting little quilts usually get turned into notebook covers. It's good therapy.

Deb H said...

Thank you, Dooley. And tell your Mum her shawl looks wonderful!