22 March 2011

orange houses...

...and red, blue, pink, green, turquoise houses.

1. Super bright house in front of a super bright sky, 2. brightest house, 3. Random Bright House, 4. ISLAND OF BURANO, 5. Blue House - Island of Burano , Venitian Lagoon, 6. the orange houses, 7. The Green House, "U" Street SE, Historic Anacostia, Washington, DC, 8. Red House, 9. House near NMU, 10. pink house, 11. Orange House in Fall, 12. Merchants' Houses - Poznan - Poland, 13. Bicycle in front of an orange house, 14. Purple House, 15. pink house, 16. Little yellow house

1 comment:

upstateLisa said...

I love those photos! I just visited Curacao and a couple of other islands in the Caribbean and just adored the colorful buildings! I took loads of photos!