08 March 2011

cleaning out the cobwebs

I know that technically the new year begins on January 1 but I've always felt like this time of year is the really the true beginning.

I've never really found winter depressing. Annoying? Certainly. I hate commuting in freezing rain and snow and feeling my face freeze when I walk into work in the morning but I've never been a summer girl so I don't mind the dim days and lack of color.

But at the same time, it does feel like it goes on for far longer then it needs to.

And when its finally winding down, it feels like its time to freshen everything up - physically and mentally.

It feels easier to make my yearly goals now then it does at the beginning of January when I'm still weary from the holiday craziness. I'm beginning to adjust them, shove them around, show them who is boss. :)

The studio is getting a slight re-arrange and the spare bedroom finally got fixed. And I'm turning my attention to tidying my website up. It dramatically out of date and I find myself going through the angst (again) of trying to figure out what to do with it.

There's a certain kind of energy creeping into the air. Even though I'm sure Michigan is no where near done with snow, you can start to feel spring in the way the air feels and the sun is sitting at just the right angle in the sky.

It makes me want to give everything a little shine. Cleaned up house, cleaned up goals, cleaned up outlook.

Sounds good all around. :)


Deb H said...

I agree! Fall and spring always felt more like "beginnings" to me then the middle of winter. I mean, what's up with that?

RoseMary said...

You have spoken my feelings, Lynn.
Winter is the time to clean out the cobwebs of our souls and minds.
I also don't mind the snow and cold, and I grew up where there was no snow, just cold and gray and fog for months on end. So the snow is a starting over time for me.

Yarnhog said...

Personally, I think of the first day of school as the beginning of the new year. But spring is by far my favorite season, so I won't argue with you. :)