21 March 2011

listening to the in between spaces

I've been feeling a bit...off lately.

Not really anti social or anything like that but I find myself stepping back and looking at everything with a certain degree of amazement. In many cases, just plain dumbfoundedness. (That's so not a word but I think it should be.)

There's so much going on. And I'm referring to the bustle inside and outside of my studio walls. Its hard to wrap your mind around. Feels like everything has turned into a sort of runaway train.

Add to it that there is good and bad mixed in there and the roller coaster just keeps on trucking.

Its just made me feel thoughtful, paying more attention to the things that I really love and cherish and am grateful for. As more mayhem seems to unfold everywhere I realized today that I'm paying attention more to the small pleasures, the little things - they seem more important and precious somehow, harder to overlook.

So I will take this:

...and sit next to Dooley love while he snores softly and be thankful for all that I have - including all of you. :)

1 comment:

Leah Sullivan said...

Am appreciating your posts. Thank you. I review my gratitude list everytime I feel my mood sagging and it perks me up. No matter what I always find joy in creating and listening to my aged puppies snore under the sewing machine table.