05 December 2010

on the subject of change

1. door 212, 2. The Green Door, 3. An ill door, 4. An old door 2, 5. door to nowhere, 6. Colorful House Door- Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo, 7. Door III, 8. the yellow door, 9. Weathered Door - Bodie ca

I'm sure you've noticed that posting on the blog has been sporadic. Its because life has been full.

Full of change.

Full of excitement.

Full of big decisions.

Today I was searching through flickr, indulging my love of fine photography and my subject of choice was doors (you can see some of my favorites in the mosaic above). I love images of doors nearly as much as I love skulls - that gives you an idea of my affection for them. It occurred to me that they are a strong symbol of change.

Doors are decisions. You choose which side you stand on and that helps push you toward (or away) from certain goals.

I'm a fairly private person. I believe that many things don't belong on public blogs. I think some people don't keep that in mind, that everyone is reading so while I'm not going to spill my guts, I wanted to acknowledge that my scattered nature these days is because I'm working on stirring things up again. Much of it can be shared and will be when the time is right, but when I sit back and look at all that is up in the air, its amazing and exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.

Which tells me I'm on the right track.

For the most part they are good things. Not every single thing is something I want to do, there's a few have to's tossed in there for good measure but those choices were driven by a desire to do what's right for me.

So I'll be missing my regular Sunday post again this week. I apologize, I'm taking the day to chill and relax and recharge.

Instead I wanted to take a second to say that change is a-coming again and I hope you'll all stick around for the ride...

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.
- Flora Whittmore


Jean Baardsen said...

Can't wait to hear what's going on with you! Love the door pictures - I take a lot of photos of doors too. Especially love the old ones. Please tell soon - I hate waiting!

Gisela Towner said...

Ah -- such a tease -- LOL!
Can't wait to hear what awesome things you are doing next.

Deb H said...

Change is good, it can be scary but it's also invigorating and wakes up the creative muse!

Yarnhog said...

You and me both, girl. I'll be waiting to hear your news!