13 December 2010

getting the ball rolling

For the past week I've been fighting the urge to push every single thing off my work table so I could start on Behemoth.

Starting my little business has put a serious dent in my art making time. I'm not complaining but holy cow, it can really get under your skin after a while.

Today I decided enough was enough. I braved the post office today to send out a whack of boxes and decided that after that trauma, I deserved a little selfish me time in the studio. I wandered up there, looked that giant hunk of felt that has been hanging on my design board for the better part of a month straight in the eye and mumbled, "You. Are. Mine."

I ended up reducing the size slightly because its what fit on my print table. Its now about 33" wide x 27" high. Which I'm sure doesn't sound huge to many fiber artists but for me? That's pretty big.

I dumped out my pitifully small basket of printed fabric (I really must learn to create a reserve instead of printing as I need it) and half an hour later, had this:

Its the base layer. I'm happy with the colors and movement in it. I've got a long way to go yet and still have not figured out how I will hand stitch this (my fingers cramp up just thinking about it) but I see no way around it. I won't be happy with it any other way.

The best part is that its sucking up my whole work table. Preventing me from wandering off and working on other things. Oh what a burden...(are you buying that?)

I would have preferred to stay in the studio all day today and continue to work since we got over half a foot of snow dropped on us last night. But I had things to do so I braved it.

I really shouldn't complain because I least I don't have to do this:

The temps went below zero today and it looks like its not going to let up for a while. Weather like this makes me supremely happy about two things: (1) that my bathroom facilities are located indoors and (2) my ability to hoard a large amount of wool yarn means that I will not freeze to death should electricity cease to exist.


Kim Hambric said...

I love all of that amazing fabric laid out together. It's as inviting as a swimming pool in summer (boy, that's a long way off).

Quilt or Dye said...

See! All those shows on TV that would have you believe that hoarding is wrong just don't understand. LOL

Approachable Art said...

Holy cow, Lynn, your fabrics make me drool and the composition of this piece is compelling, I can't wait to see it stitched!! How will you deal with the bulk of layers on top of layers when you're hand-stitching, cut away most of the excess? Guh, this is so gorgeous.

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

I like to use a combination of machine and hand stitching - the machine stitching is usually the functional bits and the hand is the embellishment. Your layout is gorgeous, the colors hum!
Your perspective on the snow made me laugh and I'll stop grumbling about it so much :o)

Gisela Towner said...

Ooh, ooh! Nice!
I'm already loving it. Your choices in fabric are outstanding.

Claudine Intner said...

I love the colors and the movement!