16 December 2010

let's screen print t-shirts with thermofax screens!

A few weeks ago, Cathy Arnett, spent a weekend at my house and I convinced her that it would be fun to do a video on screen printing t-shirts with thermofax screens. The two of us working together on a major project is usually a source of entertainment. We spent much time debating how we should do this, and that and then this.

We took over the print table in my studio and what ensued was silliness and the filming of a three part video tutorial on the subject. It came out quite well, if I do say so myself.

Here she is wearing the shirt that was printed during the video tutorial:

(Yes, it is autumn in that picture, already a vague memory here in Michigan.)

Cathy has hand dyed several t-shirts and they are waiting for some photography - once that happens, they'll be available in the shop. But I get asked constantly how to print t-shirts with thermofax screens so I decided that the tutorials simply couldn't wait any longer.

The tutorials is split into three parts because of the time limit that YouTube places on video uploads. (That means the total tutorial is nearly 30 minutes long. It will answer allllll your questions.)

It took me a day and a half to get all three videos up on you tube (it was being incredibly stubborn yesterday and bailed on three uploads when they were nearly complete) but luckily I am far more stubborn then that site so they are all there.

I do hope that you find them helpful and informative - go forth and screen print t-shirts!

Don't forget, I have several other video tutorials on thermofax screen printing on my YouTube channel so check it out!


FunkyC said...

Look! I'm on t.v.! It was fun. Thanks, Lynn.

Approachable Art said...

WOOHOO, this is so much fun! My biggest gripe is that I can't sit down right now and watch the whole 30 minutes, but I'll be back tonight to feast my eyes! (Hi, Cathy!)

janice said...

Wow I am impressed with all that you are doing.

Leann said...

Why yes, that skully flower design does look good on a shirt!
Great job guys, now you've got me wanting to print shirts!

Deb H said...

Awesome, ladies! I enjoyed the visit and learned lots! Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

great instructions