27 December 2010

new video tutorial - printing with thickened dyes

Yesterday the studio and I got along like old chums. We spent the whole day together, didn't get cranky with one another and just generally had a pleasant time. Since things were going swimmingly, I decided to drag out the video camera and do a new video tutorial.

One of the tutorials on my list involved showing how I like to make thickened dyes and then printing with them using thermofax screens. I touched on it briefly in my article in Quilting Arts but its really so much fun that I thought a video would be in order to show just how easy and addictive it is.

So I did.

I like to use a product called Superclear. It acts just like sodium alginate but comes already mixed and there's no fuss of blending it and praying it doesn't clump up. I add dye powder directly to it, and print away! (I like things easy.)

Since YouTube is such a crab and won't let me put up long videos, its split into two parts again. Apparently I can't ever shut up.

You can see all my video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Enjoy it and I hope you will give it a shot!


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

I loved these new videos, Lynn! Thanks!

Vicki W said...

Another great tutorial!

wlstarn said...

OM Gosh! You're wearing GLOVES!

Deb H said...

Great video, thanks Lynn!

Beth P. said...

Thanks for the great tip about Superclear! I learned how to print with thickened dyes using sodium alginate and it was such a pain that I never pursued it even though I liked the results. Superclear may get me back into it. So easy!