16 November 2010

why the blog matters

**Part 3 of the art of gift wrapping craft tutorial will be up tomorrow!

I've been blogging for a while now. I'm the girl that drags her camera to every event and takes pictures of every speck, offering the explanation of "I'm a blogger" to people who give me a funny look.

Some people don't understand the draw of the blog. Why its a nice place to be. Why I invest time in it. Why it matters.

I've always known that it does and I know there are more like me out there. I've made online connections easily through this humble little spot and I've had fun chatting and getting to know people through email.

But this past Sunday, the blog did something very special for me: it brought me face to face with an online friend.

The incredibly talented Gisela over at Art ADD Works For Me met me at Tony Packo's in Toledo. The initial purpose for the meeting was for me to pick up some silk screens that she generously shared with me but in all honesty, the visit alone made me all giddy and excited.

I'd spoken to her many times through email and you know what? She's every bit as awesome live as she is online.

Here's proof that we did indeed meet:

Gisela is on the left, that's me on the right. The lighting in the restaurant was terrible which accounts for the lousy photo but I just had to have one of the two of us together.

She brought me a big bag of goodies and I can't wait to dig into them. We had a great time talking about everything and the food? If you've never been to Tony Packo's (it was my first time), its awesome!

In case you are wondering what in the world is in the background of the photo of us, here is a closer look:

I give you the wall of buns. Yes, you read that right: the wall of buns. They ask famous people who eat there to sign a hot dog bun and then they put them in these display cases up on the wall.

I admit, seemed weird at first but then you go up closer and see all the famous names and realize its actually pretty cool.

On the ride home I realized just how fortunate I am to have the blog. How I probably would have never met Gisela without it and what a sad thing that would be for me. I thought the same thing again when I brought all of these into the house today:

Thanks again Gisela. I had an awesome time! :)


wlstarn said...

Can't help but wonder how they preserve those buns. A couple coats of gloss medium, perhaps? LOL
Will there be a BT catalog this year?

Gisela Towner said...

I had the very best time. Hanging out with you for the afternoon gave me a spark that I've been missing for a while. Wait till you see everything that I'm working on now -- woohoo! :)
Thanks Lynn!