11 August 2010

i test it so you don't have to

I hate leaving the blog lonely for days on end. Truth be told, I came down with some kind of devil flu on Monday (I think it actually started on Sunday but didn't really knock me over until Monday evening) and I'm just now looking at the computer with more then a half opened nyquil induced glassy eyeball.

My biggest issue when I am sick is that I cannot sit still. Can't do it. My brain keeps on trucking and decides at some point that my body needs to try to keep up. Its been one of those viruses that leave you with about a half hour of feeling good time and then six hours of laying on the sofa feeling flattened time.

In the lucid moments, I truly believed that I could still be productive and continue to putz around with different projects in the studio. Keep in mind that today is the first day I've not been described by other members of the household as "zombie-ish" in appearance.

This is what I discovered:

1) Simply Screen screen printing paint is indeed water soluble and easily cleaned off of various surfaces such as drywall, plastic and pets.

2) Thermofax screens are even more versatile then I believed - and will screen on houseplants fairly clearly.

3) Puff paint is not as easy to clean up. Especially when it is tracked from the studio into the bathroom (which serves as my screen/brush cleaning/studio clean up room as well). I contemplated taking the heat gun to it and making it all puff up so it would be like the walking trails at the zoo but then I realized that there is no cool monkey exhibit at the end so I skipped it.

4) The paint/dye apron only works to protect your clothing when you actually wear it.

5) I'm working on a new series of screen imagery for the shop that revolve around hand drawn doodles and my brain is a frightening place to be when flu is knocking around it. We'll be skipping those sketches...

Yes, I test all these things for you so you don't have to. Its my gift to you.

I'm hoping tomorrow is less fuzzy. I am relieved that Mr. Plague decided to visit me now instead of later this month when I'm at the Fabrications Retreat. I can't imagine how well dyeing 1000 samples in Carol Soderlund's class would go with me drooling at one end of the table aiming for little bitty plastic cups.

I'm heading back over to the sofa to tip over for the night. Dooley love is adoring all the extra cuddles, hard to feel bad with the little fur friend snuggled in close.


Yarnhog said...

Oh, dear. I hope you feel better soon!

Vicki W said...

Those are all very good things to know! I hope you feel better soon.

Karen Minturn Brown said...

screenprint on houseplants? I think you may be sicker than you think... Get better quick.

The Scrappy Bee said...

Sorry about the flu, but your testing for all of us is a godsend. How much of each 1/2 hour of feeling OK was spent cleaning up and does that count as testing. Concerning your sketches....maybe we should start a campaign. Just say no (to the flu). Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what color is Dooley now??

Goddess of Flame

Deb H said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better and thank you for all your considerate testing. I, personally, have been very curious about screen printing on my house plants. That rubber tree just needs... something!

PS - see you in Carol's class!

Gisela Towner said...

You poor thing!
I hope you're feeling 100% again soon.

Gail P said...

Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery and thanks for doing all of that testing for us!!