05 August 2010

hot. bah. make it stop.

I'm hot.

I'm tired of being hot.

I live in Michigan so I don't have to deal with hot.

If I wanted this kind of hot, I'd go live in Louisiana.

Or the surface of the sun.

Dooley is tired of being hot.

Having varnish put all over the hardwood floors in your house when its this kind of hot is cruel and unusual punishment. (I was tempted to step on them and leave a footprint, sort of like when you draw your initials in new concrete.)

I've never understood the purpose of so much hot.

Hot sucks.

Did I mention I hate hot?

Too hot to type whole paragraphs.

Autumn please.




The Scrappy Bee said...

This has been the hottest summer I can remember. If this is due to global warming then you and I need to move to northern Canada!!
PS There is a fight underway on who will control the sea passage thru northern Canada.

Leann said...

Some like it hot.

Gisela Towner said...

Me too...since June
Even Lake Erie is hot and green with algae blooms...yuck.

Michigan is our usual 'get away from the end-of-August heat' place. Maybe it's not so bad in the UP?

Sidney Inch said...

nope... i just got back from the UP and it's hot there too... with only a few air conditioners!!

wlstarn said...

My car thermometer said 105 on Wednesday here in the middle of Louisiana. People are having a/c problems-capacitors giving up from overwork. Too hot for me, too, but I still hate snow.

Kim Hambric said...

A hot day in early spring is such fun. In August, its just IRRITATING. I'm so tired of feeling sweat waterfalling down my body.

I'll enjoy hot again perhaps one day in late October.

Deb H said...

Autumn used to be my favorite season! :o) Then I moved to Michigan and Autumn is always followed by Michigan Winters. Now, Autumn just depresses me, I know what's coming next :o(
Of course, Hot and humid is no paradise either. Still looking for hat place ;o)