09 August 2009

random me this

1) To my fellow bloggers on the other side of the country, you are far too generous. We are sweltering in the triple digits (which I don't think should happen unless you live near a desert) with smothering humidity. You really could have kept this nasty weather to yourselves, really, we wouldn't have minded.

2) Dooley demonstrated tonight that there is no length he won't go to to obtain pizza crust. Even if it includes hopping up onto the sofa, climbing onto the end table and attempting to swipe said crust off the plate. Luckily his sister has quick reflexes - maybe not for him but it certainly saved me from chasing him across the house to get it back.

3) While sitting on the floor today sorting and unpacking artwork for exhibits, a centipede approximately three miles long and the color of red warpaint ran straight at me and attempted to rip my throat out. Luckily, the stapler was sitting next to me and my foe was easily crushed with three swift blows (it took three due to the carpet, the little bugger bounced back the first two times). Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to where I grabbed my weapon and I discovered that staplers do not discriminate between stapling paper or fingers. It is happy to do either.

4) I watched the movie The Reader today and was pleasantly surprised that it did not trash the book. Kate Winslet was quite good in it.

5) Today I washed fifteen yards of fabric in anticipation of my class with Kerr Grabowski at Fabrications. Its only three weeks away. I'm totally beside myself with glee and can't wait to flee from work.

6) If you could start your entire work career over with, what would you choose now that you know everything that you know?

7) Regis Philbin freaks me out.

8) I think this is a stellar idea and once I have my brain back to myself, I may give it a shot.

9) I know it sucks for kids (and teachers) that school is approaching quickly but I have a sick addiction to office supplies and the beginning of school produces the most innovative kinds. Is it wrong that I like to wander the aisles of Office Max this time of year just for fun?

That's all I've got. Sorry for the spotty blog posting. Work is off the hook at the moment but it will calm down in a few weeks. Thanks for hanging in there with me...


Kim Hambric said...

Anything can be used for a weapon.

Enjoy your class.

Regis Philbin is actually a lizard.

I'm planning on going to Office Depot this week. I've been looking forward to it for a while. Forget clothes when there are plastic wrapped paper products.

Have a good week!

Kat Campau said...

I've found some of my best kntting needle, and stuff containers, at the back to school sales. Also, I use anything I can reach to kill bugs too. Kleenex boxes, cans of paint...

Eva said...

If I could start again, I would have skipped the last years of school and started as a craft apprentise: pottery, weaving or goldsmith. I lost a lot of time and chances through not finding out what I really want or not having the courage to do it.