20 August 2009

1,000 stitches & breaking traditions

1,000 Stitches
Lynn Krawczyk

Oh hey, guess what? I remember my password for logging into Blogger. Was a bit worried there since it seems like I never make my way over here anymore. Know that I am not pleased about that (I dream about the blog and my neglect of it) and am planning to get back to blogging.

I was really thrilled when I was going through my email and saw a post on the Quiltart list from Dawn Goldsmith over on Subversive Stitchers giving kudos to my little quilt shown above. 1,000 Stitchers was made for last year's Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit.

Oh, and be sure to check out the darling dog she posted alongside her mention of this year's exhibit. Many thanks Dawn!


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really CUTE quilt. Love it.