01 August 2009

hobby or lifestyle?

So I was flipping through my calendar for this month and September and noticing something very distinct...you can split my activities neatly into two things: (1) work and (2) fiber art.

Seems that's pretty much all I do.

I'm not complaining about number 2 in the least but its definitely moved far beyond hobby for me. Why else would I get up at 7am on a saturday morning so I could head out to a library to hang an exhibit?

I met Kat and Carol there (who are absolute saints that I worship for all their help in getting this done) and we put up the 2008 Breaking Traditions exhibit. Its on display the month of August at the Saline District Library and looks just beautiful there. Here is one shot:

You can see many more on the exhibit's blog.

After that I toddled off to do the mundane living type tasks (groceries, laundry, banking, blah) and came home to this:

This is week 2 of deliveries for exhibits. Doesn't look as bad as week 1 you say? Well, I took the picture after removing nine priority mail boxes from the shot (I'm not kidding). I unpacked those tonight and will tackle these tomorrow. Lots of good stuff coming in.

One of the boxes contained this:

This lovely yarn will hopefully transform itself into this at some point. Although I hear tell that means I have to actually knit it and not just daydream about it in order for it to actually happen. I need to educate myself a bit more about adjusting (and deciphering, for that matter) the pattern so it fits me in the end. If I knit the one that fits my bust it won't fit my butt. And if I knit the one that fits my butt I'll have to stuff my bra. So obviously I need to spend some more time on that one.

I really like this pattern. So I'm determined to figure it out...(ignore the sobbing if it should get to that point)...

I chased Dooley around with my camera today making a little movie of him. Just to demonstrate how hard it is to get him to stick around it but I don't think I did it right because nothing downloaded when I plugged the camera into my laptop. Maybe its for the best...he started licking my toes and I squealed like a little girl so you probably wouldn't want to see that anyway. I'll try again later..

Tomorrow is more living type tasks (paying bills, cooking, washing Dooley dog (if I can catch him), blah) but I am determined at some point to sit down and watch this:

I splurged for the two disc set - one is the 3D version and one is the 2D version. I couldn't resist watching the little Russian mice circus in 3D again, LOVE this movie.

Oh what can I say? I feel like a total dud lately, been working way too many hours. The balance is way skewed toward the work portion of my life. But I'd prefer it to be more in the fiber. That'll change soon since Fabrications is coming up. I'm counting the days until I can submerge myself in nothing but art and not have to think about calculating clearances for rotating parts.

For a whole week.

And I get fed.

And the hotel cleans my room everyday.

How can you beat that?

So now I'm going to go meld into the sofa and stare at the TV. I've been into the X Files lately, picked up the first three season (they were on sale at Best Buy). They make me laugh a little because David Duchovny looks like he's twelve and the special effects are the worst but it still manages to creep me out. So I guess its effective. Must go watch more, good idea before going to bed, right?

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mary said...

the yarn is beautiful!
exhibit looks great(sorry i couldnt make it...grrr)
and i long for a week like fabrications...
we need a day of fun!