23 August 2009

it might be boring, but its allll mine...

Work has pretty well sucked my soul out so that's why the blog has been dim for a while now. I have five more days to endure and then I get to flee to the Fabrications Retreat where I shall make art and laugh stupidly and act like a woman who has not a care in the world.

There has been no art making to speak of nearly a month now. Its left me wound fairly tight. I've been so tired that even picking up the knitting needles feels like a gargantuan task that I just can't face. So five days of imposed art making is just what I need to snap myself back from the insanity I've been submerged in.

My weekend was slightly more productive this week because I didn't work yesterday, which means I got to rest a bit today and now feel slightly human. So here's a little random of the (boring) things I've done:

1) Dooley got groomed. He was quite wooley. When he laid on the sofa next to me the evening before we took him in for his hair-do (we love to taunt him and say "Doo is getting a do!" Yes, we are that simple...), I was making little mohawks out of the fur on his tummy. It was clearly time. Here he demonstrates his intense appreciation for his cookies.

2) I soda ash soaked fifteen yards of fabric in preparation for Kerr's class at Fabrications. I'm either insanely optimistic, completely out of touch or have just jinxed myself into a huge creative block by planning on bringing this much fabric. It remains to be seen. All I do know is that it will be a 100% guarantee that I will get into a frantic creative groove if I only bring a few yards. I don't think my classmates would appreciate me stripping off my clothing so I could print on them so consider it a public service that I'm bringing too much fabric.

3) I cleaned out my car. You may consider this mundane and unimportant but you have no idea what a big feat this is. For some reason, I feel the need to take various things for rides with me all over the place. Perhaps its so I don't feel quite so alone on the 2+ hours a day of commuting I have to do. It was like an archageolcial dig pulling everything out.

I have a Chevy HHR, which is a kick ass vehicle for hauling lots of stuff. They don't look like they can hold a crazy amount of things but I'm fairly confident I could squeeze a llama, a sheep and a couple mountain goats in there all at the same time. Which is good because next saturday it will be hauling an exhibit and two people with class supplies and enough things to keep them occupied for a week during the retreat. I love Kate and don't want to have to strap her to the roof for the ride up so I figured I should clean out my car.

I'm enjoying the cold wet weather. I love it. I hate summer (perhaps I am part vampire) so the fact that it is cool and damp and overcast suits me just fine.

I have a foyer full of artwork to unpack for this year's Breaking Traditions exhibit. I plan to chip away at that this evening but I'm thinking its unlikely I'll get through it before I leave for Fabrications. If my work schedule keeps going the way it has for the past month, I'm doomed to another week of coming home at 8 or 9 at night.

If the week is quiet again, know that I plan to drag you along with me to the retreat. A full week of craziness will be perfect blog food.


mary said...

horray for cleaning out the car!
i have been nutsy busy too ,,,i'll catch you up on everything soon.
i might get to come out for at least overnight for fabrications i will find out tomorrow!
and doo looks great!

Leann said...

Hmmmm....., so that car does have a back seat, interesting.

Eva said...

Against the grain... I love autumn, too, when the heat is gone. I like walking in the rain. Agree with you.

Naner Lady said...

I was very happy that we were able to squeeze everything into the back, the passanger seat is nice and comfy, much better then wind and bugs if strapped to the top.
=) ~kate