23 September 2008


I don't have much in the way of a cohesive post so I just thought I'd give you a list of random stuff I'm doing instead. (I know you are intensely excited, hold back your enthusiasm.)

1) I am very nearly done obsessively redesigning my website for the third time. I don't know what my deal is. Every time I finish it I think I really like it, then I live with it for a year and decide its poo. So I've done it over again, this time with a cleaner look (the current color scheme started to wear on me quick, looks dingy - from the latin dingeta) so I went in the complete opposite direction. I'll probably complain in a few months that there isn't enough color. (I'd say bet me but I know I'll loose, I'm not that silly.) It goes live either this weekend or beginning of next, its got the online catalog for the '08 Breaking Traditions exhibit so the whole thing had to wait. It also has a gallery of all my Where I Stand shots, I'm excited for it. (Doesn't take much these days.)

2) I spent part of yesterday and today working on another quilt for Breaking Traditions. One of the quilts just didn't make it over to me (victim of Hurricane Ike) and of course I had already assembled all the panels so there was a big gaping hole. I can be OCD with the best of them but pulling apart thirteen panels to make sure they were all in alphabetical order is not on the agenda, especially when the exhibit hangs in two days. So pretend that my last name starts with an E instead of a K just this one time, okay?

Here's the quilt I made:

You'll have to wait for the online catalog to be published for an explanation.

3) My studio looks like there was a keg party held in there. So I have all the mess to clean up without having the benefits of the beer. Anyone want to come help me dig it out?

4) I found a ball of yarn on Dooley's blankets this morning. (He has two squishy blankets that are on the floor, kind of like a little nest. In a moment of poor judgement, we decided it would be nice if they were white. So is Dooley. He tends to blend in. Thank goodness his nose is black, it saves him from being squished.) I can't say that I blame him, it was one of those extra squishy ones. I actually got a dirty look from him when I took it back, still not sure how it ended up there...

5) I ordered more Moo mini cards tonight. I went through nearly all of my stash when I was at Open Studios at IQF in April. This time I ordered several with my photographs on them, including my Where I Stand shots. Oh, and I got stickers too, thought they looked neat. If anyone wants to trade cards, let me know and we can swap.

6) I'm contemplating learning how to dye sock yarn. Yarn is like crack...

7) Its a good thing I have so much wool in the house. Mom is having hot flashes from hell and keeps opening all the windows and turning on all the fans. I am dressed like I live on an iceberg and wondering if it would be weird if I took all my wool yarn out of my stash and buried myself in it.

Ummmm...I guess that's it. I'm kind of boring right now. I've been fiddling with getting things all packed up for the exhibit. Since my back is bad right now (I found out I have arthritis in my lower back also so I have a sneaking suspicion that's why I don't fare well when the seasons change) its taken me working on it off an on all day to get it done. But done it is and I have a couple lovely friends ready to hang them for me so all is well.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the sock creature exhibit the fiber art group I belong to is putting together for expo. Should be hysterically cute and funny!

I'll have lots of photos to share so that should be more interesting then just a random ramble. The blog will be fed well shortly...

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mary said...

a keg party....really you could have invited me! i can't wait to see the book again...i didn't get to see it much tonight!