01 September 2008

a plea

dear blog people,

ever since my sister hurt her back, she has been home. laying on my sofa. waking me up when i want to nap. and now she is just getting obnoxious.

a perfect example is the picture up above. i was sleeping, she came downstairs and started squealing something about looking cute and then shoved that stupid camera in my face. it wasn't a nice way to wake up in the morning, let me tell you.

the other day she actually measured my legs. she giggled when she did it and now she thinks its funny as all heck to tell everyone who will listen that they are only eight inches long. i didn't think that was nice either.

not to mention the fact that she won't walk me anymore. all she does is put the leash on me and walk around the circle drive a couple times. big whoop. talk about boring. i want our half mile walk, i've got mailboxes to sniff that i haven't been able to get to for weeks.

i thought it was so great at first when she was home. i figured we would cuddle and keep each other company but she is mostly just using me for her own amusement. (the other day she made a pyramid out of my toys. is that rude, or what?)

anyway, i just had to tell people about my troubles. i don't care how many cookies she gives me to make me feel better or how much she pets me and tells me what a good boy i am.

i want my sofa back.

thanks for listening,

dooley dog


Anonymous said...

Dooley, remind her about your leg surgery. I'm quite sure you never irritated her in the least when you were recovering and bored.

Anonymous said...

Dooley, grab some yarn and take it for a walk, even if it's just around the sofa a few times. Recently hand spun yarn of coarse

Gisela Towner said...

Dooley -- you poor thing!
I have an idea -- how about a game of hide-and-seek? You go and hide all the yarn and fabric that's about and your sister can go find it.
It'll be fun...she'll love it and it will keep her busy and distracted so you can take a nap in peace!

Sarah said...

Dear Dooley,
My heart goes out to you, poor little cutie! If all else fails, hide under that pillow...