21 January 2013

reclaimed textiles project - i need your help

I've got new artwork series on the brain lately. Probably because I have a solo show coming up later this year and possibly a couple of other selling opportunities.

I've also longed to do a type of large scale collaboration series for some time but the details of it were hiding from me. It decided to become clear in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be sleeping (isn't that always the way?).

I'm giddy and excited and can't wait to get started on it but there's one thing - I need your help with it. I'm excited to announce the Reclaimed Textiles Project.

My vision is a series of work that is created with discarded or unwanted textiles. This could be anything - clothing, tabelcloths, unfinished quilt projects that you'd rather bury in the yard then finish. Anything that is fabric, any content, anything you simply don't want anymore.

The work that I create from them will be available for sale and I will donate 30% of each sale to The Salvation Army. I love this charity and am warmed at the idea of helping them with their work.

If you want to send some orphaned textiles to me, here are the guidelines for doing so:

1. The textiles can be any fabric content - cotton, poly, rayon, whatever you have.

2. ONLY textiles please! I know textiles is a pretty big category but I'm looking for fabric or yarn. At this time I'm not looking to use baskets or paper.

3. Please send only clean textiles. They don't need to be pristine, in fact, worn out grungy items are welcome but please give them a spin through the washing machine before you mail them to me. Especially if they've been lurking in a part of the house unseen for several years.

4. I'm unable to reimburse for shipping - this is a donation on your part for me to make work that could result in a donation to The Salvation Army if sold. 

5. This is an ongoing project with no deadline. No deadline for you for sending something, and no deadline for me to complete the work. I'm like you, I have a lot going at once so if you feel that you will be unhappy with an undetermined wait period for work to be produced, please give your textiles a hug and keep them in your home.

6. I will credit you in the artist statement of the piece as having donated fabric so please make sure I know your name and where you live.

7. Textiles from all over the world are wanted, not just the USA.

8. By sending me something, you are giving me full permission to cut them up, stitch them, print on them. Basically do what I please with them. So if your Aunt Edna gave you something that has great sentimental value to you and you'd be upset to see it altered, please don't send it.

9. Email me at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net if you'd like to send something and I'll provide the shipping address.

I hope you are as excited as I am! Can't wait to get started!!! :)

Edited to add: I've had some emails asking just how much stuff can be sent. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I don't have the room to store tonnage. So if you could keep the size of the box you are sending to absolutely no larger then a 12" square max, that would be fantastic! Thanks! :)


Ineke said...

Great idea. I'll look for something.

Cami said...

Another cool sounding project! Of course I will send you some sweet piece of textile. ;-)

CandyFarms said...

I've been sorting through the fabrics in my studio - I KNOW I can send you something! This is a thoughtful project. I like it.

Nina Marie said...

love love this idea and will gladly help - am pinning it to my pinterest board too - I'll go look to see what I got interest and will email you ! had to laugh about the fine print on giving permission to cut it all up - LOL!

Jeannie said...

I know that I have something in the mess of a studio that will work and will forward it on to you. A fabulous idea, Lynn! Don't laugh, but I had an Aunt Edna! :) Have a wonderful week and I hope that now you have your idea, you can sleep through the night.

HollyM said...

This sounds like a very interesting and worthy cause. I keep a pretty clean stash but I will keep it in mind.

Lesley Riley said...

Great idea. I love it. Count me in.

LynneP said...

Great idea! I would be happy to send you something interesting from my stash.

Carol said...

Sounds fun - I'll bet the textiles you recieve will be straight up wild! I'll gather some orphans!I was just thinking about doing a purge anyway!