01 January 2013

"a month of moments" daily practice

First day of the new year.

A wide open schedule of possibility and a clean slate.

Its been on my mind that I want to do a daily art project. But let's be honest, who am I kidding? While the idea of making something every day appeals to every part of me, there isn't enough time to do it.

I used to lament that I didn't have enough time to do everything that I wanted to. I realized something this past year: I have the same amount of time as everyone else and I just need to get over that I won't get more. In other words, I learned to suck it up and work with what I've got.

It doesn't stop me from wanting some kind of daily practice, though. I really loved my Where I Stand Sunday posts but after five solid years of that weekly photo post, I ran out of material. And that's fine. But there was a great satisfaction that came with the project and I've been missing it. I felt that I was building something, I felt that no matter what else was going on in my life, it would always be there.

So I've been brooding on the topic. I do a lot, how in the world could I fit in more?

Then it became clear. I was watching a news special about social media and a portion of it was dedicated to Twitter.

I've not been able to get into Twitter. Partly because I resented the idea that I needed to keep up with something else but also because I had no clue what to say. Still, its always something I've kept in my peripheral vision.

And now I know why.

The problem with how I viewed Twitter was that I couldn't imagine anyone being interested in what I'm having for lunch or where I went shopping. And I don't really want to make it a regurgitation of the blog.

But what if it was simply a daily reflection? What it if was a brief condensed pause about a feeling or small thought? What if it was a mini journal?

I love the idea. But I admit I panicked slightly because let's face it, the day is jam packed and I'm not sure I can always come up with something. Then I noticed this in my news feed on Facebook:

Its a really cute, simple no-stress project from JustB. blog.

Ok, Universe, I can take a hint.

So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to take the little prompt from this project each day and write a Twitter post about it. I don't promise that it will be spectacular or life changing but I like the idea that the word is provided and I can do it with it as I please. I also love that it keeps me writing each and every day.

Some might be silly, some might be flash fiction and some might just be downright boring. But I'll be there. Everyday.

If you'd like to follow along with me, here I am on Twitter.

Here's to a new daily practice. :)


Robbie said...

I've enjoyed your "where I stand"..guess i might need to get into twitter

Adel said...

I love this post it entertain and inspire me thank you!

Zero Dramas

Vada said...

This is cool!