08 January 2013

nano second printing...

This week is busy.

It makes me anxious, the separation from my studio. My normal routine revolves around large blocks of concentrated work time toward the end of the week.

But I'm craving the stillness that settles on me when I stand at my print table and push paint into fabric.

So I'll rush in, print and head back out, letting the time that I'm needed elsewhere serve as the drying period for the new work. I'll do nano second printings, quick and to the point but oh so necessary.


Quilt Anarchy said...

I totally get that.

Anonymous said...

That is me too - except I need the Mozart on Pandora when I am being creative - and something quick and frenzied, when I am working.
Johanna Fritz in WI

Regina Dunn said...

I have a question about your photo, not the actual post. I'm getting an addition put onto our house so that I can have a studio instead of just the dining room table and closet space. I wanted to paint the walls yellow (and I see that's what you have). Another artist suggested white so that there isn't any color reflection on photos or on the fabric and the true colors are seen. Do you find any problem with having yellow walls?