19 May 2012

Fiber 577 Invitational Exhibit

Here's my thing about exhibiting my work: once I decide to start showing, I go after calls for entry like a crack monkey that just downed a case of red bull. I don't know what comes over me but I can't help myself. The only thing that slows me down is my ability to produce enough work to put it everywhere I want it to be.

This year has been no exception. It started with Ragged Layers and has kind of snowballed from there. But in a totally excellent way - I couldn't be happier. And being accepted into shows is always a thrill but when you receive an email inviting your work to visit, well...that's a bright spot in the day that never really seems to fade.

Such is the case with the Fiber 577 Invitational Exhibit:

The fine folks at the Perrysburg Area Arts Council are a fiber loving bunch. Every year they put on a wonderful fiber exhibit and they've decided that they are going to make it an invitational exhibit every other year. 2012 kicks off the first Invitational.

I'm incredibly happy to report that Remnants Collage 13 and Remnants Collage 20 are going to be part of the exhibit.

Remnants Collage 13
Lynn Krawczyk
18" x 18" on canvas

I seem to be completely unable to find a photo of Remnants Collage 20. iPhoto is messing with me. I know I took the photo because see the flyer up above? On the middle set of photos (that aren't two small photos stacked on top of each other), the one on the right is RC 20. (At least I know I did take a photo and I'm not nuts...)

After the exhibit at PAAC closes, the work will travel on to Anglewood Gallery in Grand Rapids, OH from June 10-July 8. (I swear, my art gets out far more then I do.)

I'm so honored to be part of the exhibit and if you are in the area and can stop by and see the show (dates and location are shown on the flyer up above), please do so. They put on a great exhibit and you won't be disappointed!  :)


Leann said...

Wonderful, Lynn, congratulations!

Jen Solon said...

Thanks Lynn! Can't wait to see your pieces. :-)

Anne said...

Looking forward to seeing your work, Lynn, and maybe even you!