06 May 2012

where i stand sunday (the virtual edition)

I've been working hard all weekend (with the windows open so I can hear the birds serenade me while I write), many things going on. One of them was this:

So I'm going to use that up above there as my Where I Stand entry since I'm standing virtually over at that other blog. (Don't look at me that way, its not cheating at all...)

I've been a member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) for a long time. And now I'm very happy to report that I'm a co-rep for the state of Michigan. Anne Hiemstra is the other co-rep for the mitten state.

As is my habit, I picked on the blog. I love blogs (sure you hadn't noticed) and I want to turn it into a kind of little virtual living room for the SAQA-MI members. Its feeling pretty spiffy now so I'd love it if you'd pop on over and take a look around.

SAQA, if you haven't heard of it, is an organization that is all about showing the love for art quilts. My work, while not an art quilt in the most direct way, still has a place there because its a derivative that grew from that place. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are in your art journey. We're fiber artists and if that's you, you have a place there.

Lots of lovely artists, wonderful people and just a general sense of community at the national level. My hope is to bring that same feeling to the regional level. Anne and I are talking about how to do that.

If you are a SAQA Michigan member, please follow the blog. Its going to be more active and I'd like to know who you all are (Michigan is a big joint, there are members stashed everywhere).

And if you are a fiber artist, living in Michigan or not, and just want to see what the group is up to, by all means, join the gang. Its not a restrictive blog, its there for everyone to read. While it is focused on SAQA events and regional happenings, its still a good read.

I hope to see you over there! :)

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