11 April 2010

the wash test

Yesterday I decided heat set and do a wash test on the paints that I tried out a couple of days ago. They are (in clockwise direction) Plaid Simply Screen, Yudu, Jacquard, and Createx.

It was largely uneventful.

(The photo of the red piece isn't showing up well but the paint didn't change, my camera is giving me fits.)

Only the Plaid brand said to hand wash the fabric, none of the others gave any specification on how to go about it. But honestly? I wanted to see how tough these guys really were so I decided to toss them in the washer.

Granted, I did put them on the delicate cycle on cold water so they didn't get beat up too bad but I wanted to see if machine washing was a possibility. And I should mention that I have a top loading washer so the agitator, even on the delicate cycle, does give things a good workout.

I didn't notice any fading or chipping on any of the samples. Which sort of surprised me. I was sure the Plaid brand was going to go down in flames since it was so inexpensive but it definitely held its own.

It appears that they all hold up well to washing.

I'm going to do a few more blog posts on how I print with thermofax screens. Pretty much what I'll be doing in Open Studios is what I'll put up here and I'll do it in separate posts so as not to cause anyone to nod off.

More soon...


wlstarn said...

Love the turquoise on yellow one (but I like the brights!)

Gisela Towner said...

Thanks so much for sharing your results! I was wondering about that Plaid brand -- seemed like too good of a price, but now I'll be gathering my Joann's coupons!