05 April 2010

the imperfect print

Here is possibly one of the most dangerous statements in the world: "I'm just running in to Joann's for a couple of things."


I tend to use Joann Fabrics to buy my basics. Most everything else I have my favorite spots to buy from, being a firm believer in keeping the independent businesses humming. I had two things on my list when I went in there: sponge brushes and some linen type fabric (to be bought with a lovely 50% off coupon.)

Well, they beat me to it. Nearly everything in the store is on sale. Plus they are carrying two screen printing inks I've not tried yet. Had to sample those. And nearly all the fabric that I favor (meaning undyed organic wooly salt-of-the-earth looking stuff) was 50% off. I guess it pays to buy the warmer wooly fabrics in the spring/summer.

I came home with this:

The brighter colored paint is by Tulip brand paints. They are the cheapest of the lot at $2.99. The squeeze bottles are Yudu and far more expensive at about $8 a bottle. (All on sale. Damn sales.) Up until now I've only done screenprinting with Jacquard and Createx paints. Both of which I've been totally satisfied with but I always have to try out new-to-me brands. Never know what you are going to find.

Oh! Oh! And here's the best thing of all!!!!!!

My work table has arrived! (Yes, it warrants that many exclamation points!!!!!!) ! It has wheels, the sides are collapsible and for once, my short stature is coming in handy as its the perfect height for me to stand at and work. It makes me stupid happy.

I've had the idea in the back of my mind for a while about wanting to develop my own images to print my own fabric. My sketch book is crammed full of graphic doodles and I decided to make a few screens and see how they translated on fabric.

I'm pretty happy with the results:

I'm a fan of the imperfect print. I like it when things are uneven. It shows its handmade. The fabric I printed on today is a denim and the texture in the fabric made the edges a little wonky. I'll still use it but I probably won't buy it again.

I have some osnaburg fabric and some linen too that I want to try. Probably my best results will come from smooth cotton but I still want to give it a shot.

I'm going to draw a few more images and print with those. Its really fun to see them come to life like this and I'm totally hooked. My ultimate goal is to get a good range of images and sell some of the printed fabric. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I'm going out scavenging tomorrow at some recycling centers. Should be a good time, never know what you'll find.


Kim Hambric said...

These are fantastic prints!!!!!! Yes, they deserve that many exclamation points. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Enjoy that table!

Gisela Towner said...

OMG -- those are wonderful! You did a terrific job on those fabrics!!
I have that same problem at Joann's. I go to buy ONLY the Kaufman Kona muslin there with the 50% off coupons and, Bam!, the Fifty-percent-off-fairy tosses all kinds of stuff in my cart..
Let us know how those paints work for you.

Leann said...

Lord, woman you have been busy. Those are fabulous prints, amazing stuff. Gonna try printing them on colors? I'm usually put off by so many !, but that table deserves them. I'm very envious!

Edie's Fashion Factory said...

Hey, love the simple, smart designs of your prints. I was curious about your printing method. Is it a cut stencil or some sort of screenprint process? Whatever you're doing, it looks super cool.
Can't wait to see more. You're inspiring me!