08 March 2009

its better then nothing

I'm still in full on baby-my-back mode which greatly limits the things I can do. But spring cleaning fever has hit and I've been busy pushing the things around that are within reach (meaning I don't have to bend down or lift anything) to tidy them up. But I still don't feel like I'm making much progress.

So I spring cleaned Dooley instead.

Little man has strange fur for a terrier. Its incredibly soft, not wiry in the least. And curly and he has bad hair days like the rest of us. The current wet weather has him all frizzy and looking like he needs some conditioner.

The nature of his fur means he has to be groomed on a regular basis or he gets all tangly and snarly and resembles a miniature version of a wild lion. So when the weather started turning and I was becoming consumed by my all encompassing cleaning fit that I couldn't indulge to satisfaction, I turned my attention to the fur ball that was roaming around my house.

He was pretty shaggy. We had been reluctant to get him a good haircut because of the sub zero psychotic winter we've been having. But now that its bouncing all around into the 50's and 60's, we decided it was time to discover his cute little shape again.

We think he came out rather nice. By proof of the picture above, he is also quite pleased with the results. That and he got to take a long walk. Life is always well in westie-land.

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Karen Minturn Brown said...

After his complaints about being ignored a couple weeks ago, I'll bet Little Man is happy with the attention. He looks great!