21 March 2009

i need reinforcements

So all week I've been plotting and planning and scheming about all the different ways I would glide into my train wreck of a studio and move a couple things and it would be sparkly clean and functional and inspiring.

As the week drug on, it went from simply reorganizing a few things to rearranging furniture and maybe destashing things on etsy and getting some projects wrapped up.

I was going to be happy and gleeful and fulfilled and the art would pour forth from me like a breath of fresh spring air.

I can feel you all laughing at me right now. (Its not unwarranted.)

Things did not go entirely well. I did manage to move some furniture around but there was so much cursing and growling involved that Dooley actually fled from the room and back downstairs. (I'm not making that up by the way.)

Its in a partially put-back-together-I-must-leave-this-room-before-I-set-it-all-on-fire state right now.

I imagine I will wander back up there to give it more dirty looks before the day is done and put some more things back in place. A couple boxes are being shuffled into the basement so that will make things feel less cluttered.

I'm going to win the battle with the studio. Oh yes I will, oh yes...I will.

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Anonymous said...

I've been working on my studio for three weeks, and I JUST NOW said to Andy that I was ready to take a match to the whole thing! I feel your pain, sister! Joan